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10TH JULY 2013



Captained by Mike Love, The Beach Boys play an astoundingly busy schedule of concerts, averaging 150 shows a year, ranging from sundrenched summer festivals to gala New Year’s celebrations and special events worldwide. In 1974 Mike Love’s concept album Endless Summer ignited a second generation of Beach Boys fans and stirred a tempest that rocked the music world.

Grammy-winning songwriter Bruce Johnston, [Barry Manilow’s “I Write the Songs”], joined The Beach Boys in 1965, replacing Glenn Campbell, who filled-in for Brian Wilson, on vocals/bass, when he retired from touring. Highly regarded as a singer-singer, Johnston’s vocal work with such legendary artists as Elton John and Pink Floyd firmly established him among rock’s elite artists.  

Had this remarkable band been less committed to its art and its fans, it could have retired from the field with honor at dozens of points along the way, confident that it had made a lasting contribution to world culture. It could have rested on the success of the epoch-shifting Pet Sounds masterpiece in 1966... or after recording Love’s co-written Golden Globe nominated “Kokomo” in 1988 and seeing it become its best selling single ever... or after being inducted that same year into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame... or after watching its worldwide album sales blow past l00 million... or after winning the NARAS Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001 [along with The Who, Bob Marley, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and Les Paul]. And still, The Beach Boys continue to have fun, fun, fun, with no end in sight. In 2012, The Beach Boys scheduled a 75 concert date limited 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour which was scheduled as a limited run reunion tour and ended in the US July 15 and internationally on Sept 28th in which the original members reunited and released "That's Why God Made the Radio," the album debuted at # 3 on the Billboard charts, their highest chart position in 37 years and an unprecedented milestone.

The Beach Boys are led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, who along with Christian Love, Randell Kirsch, Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill and Scott Totten continue the legacy of the iconic American band. This tour will not feature Brian Wilson, Al Jardine or David Marks.


The Casablanca Steps

What ho chaps and chapesses, lets celebrate with a glass of Lemonade and a spot of Pimms that The Casablanca Steps are performing at this years Henley Festival. Not an easy catch, one might say, trying to lure these bounders from their lives of luxury, but one that they could not resist when they heard what an absolutely splendid audience awaited them.

Their madcap quintessentially English take on songs from the 1920s and 30s is certainly a performance not to be missed, and will leave you wondering if you have stepped into some kind of  timewarp when the “Charleston” was all the rage and the swells were “Putting On The Ritz”.

With over 35 TV shows throughout the UK and Europe to their credit. they have entertained in festivals, theatres, corporate events and private parties worldwide with great acclaim, and have entertained on some of the worlds finest cruise ships including the legendary QE2. Their more recent maritime experience was entertaining for the launch of the new Queen Elizabeth in the presence of HRH the Queen. It is not the first time they have rubbed shoulders with celebrities and Royalty, with them being personal favourites of Prince Philip after their performance for him at St James Palace, and also performing with French & Saunders and Mark Owen from Take That on The Kelly Show and The Late Late Show in Ireland.

Wooten, Clarke, Archie and Pico dare one not to be entertained, and look forward to inviting you into their boudoir.


Mr James' Garden: Jardin de los Sueños

A magical outdoor concert inspired by the gardens of Mexico and created by award-winning creative director Ann Martin-Davis.

When the British philanthropist Edward James came to Mexico he made a legendary garden in a subtropical forest, a surrealist dream called Las Posas.

In collaboration with the Anglo-Mexican Foundation, inspired by Las Posas and following its premiere in Mexico, Ann Martin-Davis invites you to Mr James’ Garden, a breathtaking event in three parts. As dusk falls, the atmospheric, haunting and visually delightful programme will feature ravishing contemporary classics, including works by Debussy, Canteloube and Mompou, enhanced by stunning settings from three of Mexico’s most prestigious artists.

Come take a journey through the garden of water, of the earth and of life.

Music: Ann Martin-Davis (piano), Angel Padilla (harp) & Susan Legg (mezzo-soprano)

Art: Irene Dubrovsky, Manolo Cocho & Patrick Petterson

The UK tour of Mr James' Garden is supported by:



In yet another farewell tour, Baz returns, having been charged with persistent joking and asks for 20 other shows to be taken into consideration.

You are the Judge and Jury – Be merciful to the aged accused – He merely seeks to bring a ray of sunshine amid the dark clouds of life.

He’ll be enjoying himself – Do join him.   




As night falls a magical finale event created specially by the festival featuring the mysterious beauty of Ray Lee's Chorus - 'a celestial choir of spinning sound machines'; an elegant trio of stilt walking Optioscopes; the musical magnificence of the 35 strong corps of drummers who came together to create one of the most memorable moments of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony; and a pyrotechnic assault from the consistently brilliant Pains Fireworks. All performed to the profoundly moving sound track  'And I will Kiss…' by Rick Smith of Underworld.

Pains once again look forward to presenting the evening finale spectacular with fresh ideas helping keep the spirit of the festival and its unique status alive. Amongst all of our annual shows it is a privilege and one enjoyed by all those involved directly and indirectly in the company.

This year, as in the past 3 years, we draw on that ‘back catalogue’ that is unique within the industry to deliver a thrilling and emotional show set to music and fired from within the back drop that is quintessential England – and that will leave you buzzing for the rest of your evening and beyond – Enjoy!


The Pandemonium Drummers are the volunteer drummers from the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The ensemble of 965 drummers aged 18 to 85 performed Underworld’s memorable soundtrack to the Pandemonium segment of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony Isles of Wonder, which saw the biggest theatre set change in history.

Led by Dame Evelyn Glennie, the performers drummed during the 15 minute powerful and moving industrial revolution scene, which memorably culminated in the formation of the Olympic Rings.

As marshals, the performers also guided the athletes during their parade in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies by drumming and dancing around them.

Building on the success of the Olympic Ceremonies, the volunteer performers continue to drum as the Pandemonium Drummers and have participated in prestigious events such as the London New Year’s Day Parade 2013, and played at iconic locations across London, including St Paul’s Cathedral, St Pancras International, and the Royal Festival Hall.

To relive the spirit and enthusiasm of the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, the Pandemonium Drummers enlist the help of their friends. These are the Working Men and Women, who transformed the Green and Pleasant Land at the Opening Ceremony into an industrial landscape, and the Brunels, who impersonated Isambard Kingdom Brunel to celebrate British engineering achievements.

The Pandemonium Drummers are still a volunteer group who share their enthusiasm at events large and small in support of good causes.



Award-winning artist and current British Composer of the Year, Ray Lee is an artist who makes music that moves. Born out of a fascination for the invisible forces that surround us, his spectacular sound art works have transfixed and delighted audiences the world over.

Ray’s latest piece, Chorus is a monumental installation of giant kinetic sculptures, a celestial choir of spinning sound machines. Towering above the audience, a series of giant metal tripods support rotating arms. At the end of each arm, loudspeakers emit precisely tuned musical pitches, singing out a siren call to all those present. Tiny lights create the effect of planets in motion, creating mesmerising orbits of colour. These intersecting lights trace rings above the heads of the audience, while the combined chorus of the spinning speakers creates a hypnotic, harmonious whole that is both uplifting and transfixing.

Chorus is produced by Simon Chatterton and commissioned by Newbury Corn Exchange, Brookes University and Oxford Contemporary Music.



The Outlasts are one of Oxford’s finest acoustic duo acts offering anything from dance floor fillers to funky covers. Their notable repertoire spans across the decades delivering a diverse and exciting show for everyone.

The group boasts a stylish and charismatic performance that leaves audiences wanting more and with years of experience under their belt, it’s no surprise to hear of The Outlasts’ fast growing popularity in and outside of Oxfordshire.



Mojo Filter is the production guise of Ben Zaven Crane. Since his meteoric rise into the remix elite, Ben has performed far and wide bringing together a wealth of dancefloor experience to as many occasions as you could imagine. From regal affairs to national sporting events - there is dancefloor waiting to happen with his name on it.

Whilst defining his style may be tricky, suffice to say the results are all to evident. From 50's swing to 60's sha-wing, 70's glam to 80's sham right up to modern day classics, Mojo Filter hones the tools of dance to provide both insight and intrigue into a practical understanding of dance music from the floor, up.. Creatively, he is also renown for his crafty remixes of classic tunes revitalising and invigorating them for those special moments of realisation where everything comes together. Like an adventure playground, Mojo's dancefloors are full until the end keeping everyone guessing and moving until the cows come home. Which, when they do, often join in!

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